2015 Annual Meeting, October 30-31
St. Thomas University and University of New Brunswick

Friday, October 30, 2015
University of New Brunswick

Wu Conference Centre, Room 100A
University of New Brunswick

Keynote Lecture:

“The Relevance of Philosophy: Practical Arguments, Kant
and the Ethics of Eating”
Andrew Chignell (Cornell University)
(Q&A to follow)
J. Harper Kent Auditorium, Wu Conference Centre

Wine & Cheese
Foyer, Wu Conference Centre

Saturday, October 31, 2015
St. Thomas University
Margaret Norrie McCain Hall

9:00-9:30am: Coffee

Concurrent Sessions A  (9:30-10:10; 10:20-11:00; Q&A to follow each presentation)

11:10-11:30am: Coffee

11:30am -12:30pm:  (11:30-12:10; Q&A to follow presentation)
Concurrent Sessions B

12:30-2:30pm: Lunch

Concurrent Sessions C (2:30-3:10; 3:20-4:00; Q&A to follow each presentation)

4:10-4:30pm: Coffee

Concurrent Sessions D (4:30-5:10; Q&A to follow presentation)

6:00pm: Conference Dinner
Group reservation at Brewbakers, 546 King Street
(participants billed individually by restaurant)

Detailed Presentation Schedule

Saturday, October 31st, 2015
St Thomas University

Margaret McCain Hall (MMH)
9:00 am – 9:30 am

Coffee (light refreshments served)
Location:  MMH Lower Lobby
9:30 am – 11:10 am
Concurrent Sessions A 
(9:30-10:10, 10:20-11:00; Q&A to follow each paper presentation)

Session A 01
Location:  MMH 102
Chair: Bethany Hindmarsch (Dalhousie University)

James Crombie (Universite Sainte-Anne):  “The Relevance 
of Bachelard's Antifoundationalist Scientific Rationalism

Matt Silk (Waterloo): 
“Helen Longino and Classical Pragmatism”

Session A 02
Location:  MMH 106
Chair: Saladdin Ahmed
Kenneth Boyd (Dalhousie University): “Easy Understanding 
and Epistemic Value”

Brian Lightbody (Brock University):  “Emotional Alchemy: 
Transmuting Anticipated Regret into Self-Control Gold”

Session A 03
Location:  MMH 201
Chair: Samuel LeBlanc (University of New Brunswick)
Lisa Weber (Memorial University):  “Advocating Progressive 
Education:How John Dewey’s Educational Philosophies can 
Support Inclusion in Newfoundland and Labrador”

Scott Johnston (Memorial University):  “The Relevance of 
Philosophy to Education in the 21st Century North America”

Session A 04
Location:  MMH 202
Chair: Gabriela Tymowski (University of New Brunswick)

Duncan Maclean (Mount Royal University):  “A Snare in the 
Philosophy of Socrates?”

Bernard Wills (Memorial University):  “Blake and God”

Session A 05
Location:  MMH 203
Chair: Jeff Frooman (University of New Brunswick

Robert Ansell (Saint Mary’s University):  
“Metaphysical Malaise”

Robert Piercey (University of Regina):  
“From History to Hope: The Metaphilosophy of the 
Analytic-Continental Divide”

Session A 06
Location:  MMH 204
Chair: David Mercer (University of New Brunswick)

Christina Behme (Mount Saint Vincent University):  
“How would Plato solve “Plato’s Problem”?”

Fabien-Denis Cayer (Dalhousie University):  
“Reinventing the Gadfly: Plato and the Invention of 
Philosophy in Democratic Athens”

Session A 07
Location:  MMH 307
Chair: Daniel Adsett (Marquette University)

Daniel Ahern (University of New Brunswick):  “Nietzsche’s 
Master—Slave Aesthetics: Prelude to a 'Physiology of Art'”

Ryan Priddle (Boston University):  “Happiness as Mood of 
Affirmation for Nietzsche A Discussion of GS §§340-343”

Session A 08
Location:  MMH 308
Chair: Katie Stockdale (Dalhousie University)
Rebecca MacIntosh (University of Western Ontario):  
“The Relevance ofEvolution to Ethics and of Ethics to Evolution”

Stéphane Savoie (York University):  
“Empathy and Public Reasons in Korsgaard”
Session A 09
Location:  MMH 309
Chair: Hayden  Kee (Fordham University)
Jacob Graham (Bridgewater College):  “Philosophy’s Relevance”

Robbie Moser (Mount Allison University):  
“‘Philosophy as Therapy’ to What End?” 
11:10 am – 11:30 am
Coffee Break (light refreshments served)
Location: MMH Lower Lobby

11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Concurrent Sessions B
(11:30-12:10; Q&A to follow paper presentation)

Session B 01
Location:  MMH 102
Chair: David Mercer (University of New Brunswick)

Roopen Majithia (Mount Allison University):  
“Virtue and the Law in Aristotle’s Ethics”

Session B 02
Location:  MMH 106
Chair: Scott Dunham (University of New Brunswick)

Adam Auch (Dalhousie University):  
“Responding to Charges of Climate Hype”

Session B 03
Location:  MMA 201
Chair: Connor Barry (Independent Scholar)

Mark Burke (University of King’s College):  
“Charles Fourier’s Philosophy of Emotion” 

Session B 04
Location:  MMA 202
Chair: Jason Holt (Acadia University)

Emily Bingeman (Dalhousie University):  
“Disability and Ability in Knowledge as Achievement Accounts”
Session B 05
Location:  MMA 203
Chair: Scott Stapleford (St Thomas University)

Thomas Vinci (Dalhousie University):  
“Three Arguments One Might have Thought Kant used to 
Demonstrate the Unities of Space and of Time”

Session B 06
Location:  MMH 204
Chair: Stephen Baldner (St. Francis Xavier University) 
Sheldon Wein (Saint Mary’s University): 
“Conceptualizing Religion”

Session B 07
Location:  MMH 307
Chair: Rebecca MacIntosh (University of Western Ontario)

Katie Stockdale (Dalhousie University): 
“Blameworthiness and Blame: 
Reflections on Scanlon and Smith”

Session B 08
Location:  MMH 308
Chair: William Altenberg (Smarts Hill Laboratories, Maine)

Jeff Frooman (University of New Brunswick)& 
Ben Wente (ErasmusUniversity, Netherlands):  
“Markets, Morality, and Managing the Allocation of Goods”

12:30 pm – 2:30 pm Lunch
(see dining options available in registration kit)
2:30 pm – 4:10 pm
Concurrent Session C
(2:30-3:10, 3:20-4:00; Q&A to follow each paper presentation)  

Session C 01
Location: MMH 102
Chair: Jeff Frooman (University of New Brunswick)

Bethany Hindmarsh (Dalhousie University):  
“Imagination & Ideology”

Warren Heiti (University of King’s College):  
“Weil on Character”

Session C 02
Location:  MMH 106
Chair: Sheldon Wein (Saint Mary’s University)

Christopher Cohoon (University of King’s College):  
“Unmurderability:Ethical Force in Levinas”

Saladdin Ahmed:  “The Need for Philosophy of Space”

Session C 03
Location:  MMH 201
Chair: Duncan McLean (Mount Royal University)

Gregory Coulter (University of St. Thomas, Minnesota):  
“The Relevance of Philosophy as a Common Pursuit”

Andrew Cutler (Dominican University College/Carleton University):    "Aristotle, Leisure and the Good Life” 

Session C 04
Location:  MMH 202
Chair: Jennifer Hart Weed (University of New Brunswick)

William Altenburg (Smarts Hill Laboratories, Maine):  
“The Future of Philosophy in Catherine Elgin’s Essay 
"The Legacy of Quine’s ‘Two Dogmas of Empiricism’”

Brandon Williams (Rice University):  
“The Possibility of Carnapian Error Therapy”
Session C 05
Location:  MMH 203 
Chair: Roopen Majithia (Mount Allison University)
Hayden Kee (Fordham University):  “Towards a neurophenomenology of gesture: the relevance of phenomenology for the empirical sciences of mind” Daniel Adsett (Marquette University):  “Foreign Minds:  On the Intentionality of Inserted Thoughts”
Session C 06
Location:  MMH 204
Chair: Jacob Graham (Bridgewater College)

Gerard Gentry (University of South Carolina):  
“Hegel:  Recognizing Artistic Thought in Philosophy”

Keegan Nichols (Georgia State University):  
“The True Judges of Virtue” 

Session C 07
Location:  MMH 307
Chair: Emily Bingeman (Dalhousie University)

Mike Ashfield (University of Southern California):  
“A Credal-Reductive Account of Suspended Judgement”

Erik Nelson (Concordia University):  
“Explicating Epistemology: Methodology within 
 Naturalized Epistemology”

Session C 08
Location:  MMH 308
Chair: Malcolm Murray (University of Prince Edward Island)

Todd Calder (Saint Mary’s University):  
“Moral Spectrums: Evil, Wrongdoing, and the Ethics of Care”

Maria Jimenez (York University):  
“The Moral Self:  Identity, Care, and Moral Motivation”

Session C 09
Location:  MMH 309
Chair: Steve Baldner (St. Francis Xavier University)

Sasa Stankovic (Brandon University):  
“Leibniz’s Conception of Freedom:  
The Practical Nature of Contingency”

Conor Barry (Independent Scholar):  
“Kant’s Critical Philosophy as the Fusion of Leibniz’ 
Rationalist Doctrine and Hume’s Skeptical Empiricism”
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Concurrent Session D
(4:30-5:10 Q&A to follow paper presentation)

Session D 01
Location:  MMH 102
Chair: Connor Barry (Independent Scholar) 

Emanuel Jannasch (Dalhouise University):  “Smoothness and Truth”
Session D 02
Location:  MMH 106
Chair: Nick Hardy (University of New Brunswick)

Sean Hermanson (Florida International University):  
“New Data about Women in Philosophy”
Session D 03
Location:  MMH 201
Chair: Gabriela Tymoski  (University of New Brunswick)

Jason Holt (Acadia University):  “Stubborn Misquotation”

Session D 04
Location:  MMH 202
Chair: Mira Bachvarova (University of New Brunswick)

Malcolm Murray (University of Prince Edward Island):  
“A Contractarian Normative Principle?”
Session D 05
Location:  MMH 203
Chair: Gregory Coulter (University of St. Thomas, Minnesota) 

Stephen Baldner (St. Francis Xavier University):  
“Descartes, Suarez, and Occaionalism”

Session D 06
Location:  MMH 204
Chair: William Altenburg (Smarts Hill Laboratories, Maine)

J. S. Hancox (University of Pittsburgh):  
“Are Animals Self-Conscious?”
Session D 07
Location:  MMH 307
Chair: Daniel Adsett (Marquette University)

Scott Edgar (Saint Mary’s University):  
“A Defense of Hermann Cohen’s Principle of 
the Infinitesimal Method”
6:00 pm Conference Dinner
Location: Brewbakers, 546 King Street
(Participants billed individually by restaurant)
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